Tamil Nadu Train Fire Updates: 10 Lives Lost Full Details Here
Tamil Nadu Train Fire Updates: 10 Lives Lost Full Details Here

Madurai: Tamil Nadu Train Fire Tragedy Claims 10 Lives - Full Account of the Incident. A catastrophic event unfolded in Tamil Nadu as a fire erupted within a stationary train compartment at the Madurai railway station during the early hours of Saturday, resulting in the tragic loss of 10 lives. The Southern Railway has taken a step to provide financial relief, offering a compensation of Rs. 10 lakh to the families of the victims.

Madurai District Collector MS Sangeetha addressed the press, revealing, "At approximately 5:30 am today, a distressing fire accident occurred within a train coach stationed at Madurai railway station. The individuals on board were pilgrims hailing from Uttar Pradesh."

She explained, "The incident occurred when an attempt was made to prepare coffee using a gas stove. Tragically, this endeavor led to a gas cylinder explosion. The diligent efforts of the rescue team managed to save 55 individuals, yet regrettably, we have recovered the remains of nine victims. The rescue operation is actively ongoing."

In light of this incident, the Southern Railway has established helpline numbers, 9360552608 and 8015681915, to facilitate the dissemination of information concerning the fire outbreak and its casualties.

What Prompted the Tamil Nadu Train Fire Catastrophe?
According to the Southern Railway's official statement, the ignition resulted from the improper usage of a contraband gas cylinder. B Guganesan, Chief Public Relations Officer of Southern Railways, reported that the conflagration ignited at 5:15 am within a private party coach situated at the Madurai yard. Firefighting efforts successfully quelled the blaze by 7:15 am.

The investigation revealed that occupants of the private party coach had surreptitiously brought in illicit gas cylinders, precipitating the unfortunate incident. "A number of passengers managed to disembark from the coach upon detecting the flames. Some passengers even alighted directly onto the platform," stated the Railways in an official press release.

The Railways' statement expounded, "The group utilizing the party coach had commenced their journey on August 17th from Lucknow. Their itinerary included a return to Chennai via Train Number 16824, the Kollam-Chennai Egmore Ananthapuri Express, with plans to eventually journey back to Lucknow."

The party coach, designated for transport purposes exclusively, was slated to make its return voyage to Chennai aboard the Kollam-Chennai Egmore Ananthapuri Express, subsequently concluding its journey in Lucknow.

Tragedy Strikes Madurai Junction as Fire Engulfs Tourist Coach, Claiming Nine Lives

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