VIDEO! Tamil Nadu couple's virtual wedding reception, gets married via metaverse

This is the first time in India that a couple in the country has hosted their wedding reception in the Metaverse. Yes, as per the information received, a couple from Tamil Nadu Dinesh SP and Janganandini Ramaswamy recently completed their wedding ceremony in Shivalingapuram village. After this, they hosted the reception virtually. Let us tell you all that at this time, this couple who are getting married in the Metaverse is now being discussed all over the country.



In fact, Metaverse is actually the future of the Internet and it is a kind of online world. Here people can play in the virtual world, move around or work, not only that much but also interact with each other. In fact, to do all this, you need a virtual headset and you can create anyone's 'avatar.' in it. At the same time, using this technique, the couple has done their reception. According to a report that has surfaced, Dinesh's father-in-law Ramaswamy passed away last year. After this, Dinesh thought of giving his wife an 'avatar' gift of his father, so that Ramaswamy could bless the couple on Metaverses.

Let us tell you that along with some avatars of the guests, three 'avatars' of Dinesh, Jangandini and Ramaswamy were made. Let us also inform you that Dinesh's partner Janagandani works as a technology expert in a company in Chennai. In fact, he said, "Child marriages continue to take place on a large scale in our area, but my father inspired me to complete my college studies. Let us tell you that the couple chose the Hogwarts theme from Harry Potter for their reception and a concert was also held through Metaverse at the event.''

It is being told that food was delivered at home for about 200 people who attended this reception. The event was completed with the help of a crypto exchange, Coinswich Kuber and technology company Tardiverse. Dinesh says, "Due to COVID-19, I had to limit the number of guests at weddings and receptions. So, I held on to the reception Metaverse. I have been working on blockchain technology for the past year."

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