Tanishq 'Ekavatam' controversial ad helps in increased business

Oct 20 2020 07:46 PM
Tanishq 'Ekavatam' controversial ad helps in increased business

The controversial Tanishq advertisement promoting its Ekavatam collections was removed from its offcial sites after a complaint about promoting love Jihad. The advertisement campaign's creator said the ad created a "movement" where many people are buying Tanishq products to take a stand supporting it. The creative head said communal harmony is the centre of the fabric and no one anticipated the backslash. 

Ad Bodies Support Tanishq, appeals govt to take action against "Intimidating Behaviour

Amit Akali, Managing Partner and Creative Head of 'What's Your Problem', the agency behind the advertisement campaign, said the ad showed realities and, after the controversy, a silent majority of people has started speaking out against a vocal minority. He said Tanishq is a "brave" company which considers the safety of employees in the controversial times. Akali wanted everyone to get cleared about the intention of ad was just to show the cultural realities which gel well with a brand's promise, and nothing to politize. An online group was created with over 200 people who did inter-faith marriage and are sharing their stories. The love received from across the world is beautiful, fantastic and overwhelming said Akali.  

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The $120 billion Tata Group withdraws 55-second Tanishq advertisement, running a script of Muslim mother-in-law caring for her pregnant Hindu daughter-in-law due to the opposition by certain groups. As a support to the ad people are buying the jewel and showing us the bills  and few telling us that they will keep on sharing the ad eventhough it was deleted, says Akali. 

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