Father asks son to do housework, angry child reaches police station and...

To date, all of you must have heard or read many stories that have been shocking. Now today we are going to tell you an incident that will make you lose consciousness after knowing it. This is the case from China, where the father of a 14-year-old boy asked him to do some household chores, so that made him angry and he called the police. According to some reports, the strange incident took place in Anhui province China. A man living here was reportedly afraid to see his son constantly busy with the phone. That is why they asked him to focus on his studies, but he did not consider him a child.

Finally, the parents asked the child to do some household chores to teach him a lesson. The child was so angry that he reached the police station. Here he told the police, 'My father makes me a child laborer.' Initially, the police did not understand this, and that is why they took the boy to his house. Here he spoke to the boy's parents and the policemen were stunned after hearing the whole matter.

Meanwhile, when the police came to know about the boy's smartphone addiction, he advised the father to teach his son to be disciplined. At the same time, the police also said, 'Try to keep the smartphone away from the boy.' Meanwhile, the boy said angrily, 'You think I have only one mobile. If you think so, you are very unaware.'

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