Telangana appeals to stop the BJP's rally
Telangana appeals to stop the BJP's rally

HYDERABAD: Despite the state government's appeal to the court to stop the padyatra, state BJP president Bandi Sanjay resumed his Praja Sangrama Yatra in Jangaon district on Friday, a day after the Telangana High Court's judgement. On Thursday, a solitary judge's panel temporarily overturned a police directive ordering the BJP to immediately terminate the padyatra.

The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) government has appealed the decision of the one-judge bench. The government claims that the padyatra's continuation could lead to a breakdown of peace. It has requested that the appeal be heard right away.

Sanjay, meanwhile, started the padyatra in the Station Ghanpur constituency after a three-day break. A sizable contingent of BJP members and sympathisers were with him. In the Jangaon district, where it had been put on hold after his detention on Tuesday, he restarted the yatra.

Due to the tense circumstances in Jangaon district, the Wardhannapet ACP's notice requesting that the BJP immediately halt its padyatra was suspended by the high court.

The ACP informed the leaders that there was no permission for the yatra in the district and threatened legal action if they persisted with it. The court rejected the notice as being unconstitutional after the BJP challenged it there.
According to the police notification, BJP representatives were making offensive statements under the guise of the padyatra. The policeman also saw that many party members from other districts were being recruited under the banner of Dharma Deeksha.

The notification adds, "There is an apprehension of breach of peace in the area leading to major law and order difficulties in light of your provocative utterances and planned Deeksha with massive gatherings from neighbouring districts."

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