TRS asked Telangana to 10 lakh tone fertilizers
TRS asked Telangana to 10 lakh tone fertilizers

TRS MP G Ranjit Reddy on Monday asked Union Chemical and Fertilizer Minister Sadananda Gowda to release 10 lakh tonnes of urea to Telangana state this year for the welfare and crop of the farmers in fertilization. Speaking during the Zero Hour in the Lok Sabha, the MP told the Central Government that the area of crop in the state has increased from 1 crore acres to 1.34 crore acres due to the transformation alterations in the irrigation sector. State.

Let us share briefly for your information, Ranjit Reddy said while briefing on this "Chief Minister K. The huge irrigation potential created by Chandrasekhar Rao, and implementation of schemes like Ritu Bandhu, free of charge, good rains along with controlled agriculture has increased agricultural activities in the state this year."

However, the area of seeds such as maize, paddy and groundnut has increased and the 1.4 tonnes of urea allocated by the Centre in August is not enough. The state Agriculture Minister met the Union Chemicals and Fertilizers Minister and asked to release 10.5 lakh tonnes per annum. "We are now in the third week of September, but so far, the central government has not taken any steps," he said, and urged the central government to release the remaining fertilizers without delay.

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