Hyderabad man kills wife, tells relatives she died of Covid-19

Hyderabad: In the name of death due to corona infection, there are many people who are trying to take advantage. Recently, the parents of a woman in Vanasthalipuram police station area of Telangana had alleged that 'her son-in-law died of corona infection after killing his daughter.' Not only that, they had lodged a complaint with the police station. In this case, police say that Ramawat Kavita, a resident of Vaidehi Nagar colony in Vanasthalipuram police station area of Hyderabad, died suspiciously on the 18th of June, kavita's husband Ramawat Vijay had told Kavita's parents that Kavita died of corona infection.

He then took the body in an auto rickshaw to his village in Nalgonda district and cremated it, scaring everyone that approaching would lead to corona. But when the mother of the deceased Kavita suspected her son-in-law, she went to a government hospital and examined Kavita's covid test report, which was tested a week ago. Kavita's report was negative and her suspicion swelled, after which she lodged a police complaint. In this case, parents now say that when they spoke to Kavita on the 17th, nothing had happened to her, so how could corona die the next day from infection. There was often a quarrel between them.

Kavita's father, on the other hand, said, "He got his daughter married even if he did not want to. He used to drive auto rickshaws. He did not work anywhere and his daughter had been after him since he was in class 9. The daughter was driven away. They were forced to get married. 10 lakhs and 100 yards of land to build a house, yet he is killing his daughter and giving the name of Corona. In this case, the Commissioner says, 'Ramawat Vijay alias Vijay Nayak (25) smothered his wife Ramawat Kavita (21) to death while sleeping on June 18 due to suspicion. He did not shout, so he pressed his mouth with a pillow. His body was taken to Nalgonda in an auto rickshaw and cremated. Told everyone that corona infection caused death."

He further said, "When the mother suspected the son-in-law, she had lodged a police complaint on June 24, asking the tehsildar to fish out the body and conduct edited the postmortem. According to the post mortem report, the mouth was pressed with a pillow, then the neck was smothered to death. He suspected his wife so he murdered and the accused Vijay was arrested."

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