Terrorism, Kerala Story, Operation Kaveri..! In Karnataka, PM Modi fiercely surrounded the Congress on many issues
Terrorism, Kerala Story, Operation Kaveri..! In Karnataka, PM Modi fiercely surrounded the Congress on many issues

Bangalore: Only a few days are left for voting for the Karnataka Assembly elections. In such a situation, all the political parties are busy in campaigning loudly. In this sequence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also addressed a public meeting in Ballari district today, during which he targeted the Congress fiercely. PM Modi said, 'Congress creates false narratives on the basis of money to win elections. For the past many elections, by creating such false narratives, by getting false surveys done, they brag about themselves. Here in Karnataka also Congress is doing the same.

Talking on BJP's manifesto, PM Modi said that BJP's manifesto is a promise letter, a resolution letter for it. In which there is a road map to make Karnataka the number-1 state of the country. On the other hand, there are a lot of false promises in the Congress manifesto. The Congress manifesto is meant to be a bundle of lockout and appeasement. He said that law and order is the most important requirement to make Karnataka the No. 1 state of the country. It is equally important for Karnataka to remain free from terrorism. BJP has always been tough against terrorism. But whenever action is taken against terrorism, the stomach of the Congress starts hurting.

PM Modi surrounded Congress regarding terrorism:-

Attacking the Congress, which ruled the country for decades on terrorism, the Prime Minister said that due to the fear of vote bank, today the Congress has lost the courage to even utter a word against terrorism. Because of this politics of vote bank, Congress has nurtured and given shelter to terrorism. PM Modi said, 'Look at the misfortune of the country that today the Congress is seen standing with this terroristic tendency to destroy the society. Not only this, the Congress is even doing political bargaining through the backdoor with those with such terrorist tendencies.' In fact, the Congress is contesting the Karnataka elections in collaboration with SDPI, the political wing of the banned fundamentalist organization PFI, on which PM Modi has taken a jibe.  

PM Modi's statement on The Kerala Story :-

During this, PM Modi also talked about the film The Kerala Story based on alleged Jihad, conversion and terrorism. He said that the sound of bombs, guns and pistols is heard but there is no sound of terrorist conspiracy to hollow the society from within. Even the court has expressed concern over this form of terror. There is a lot of discussion these days about the film 'Kerala Story' based on such a terrorist plot. It is said that the Kerala story is based on terrorist conspiracies in just one state. The terrorist conspiracy going on in Kerala, such a beautiful state of the country, where people are so hardworking and talented, has been revealed in this film.

What did PM Modi say about Operation Kaveri :-

On Operation Kaveri being run to evacuate Indians from Sudan, PM Modi said that there is a civil war situation in Sudan, there used to be firing from somewhere and bombs used to explode from somewhere. It was difficult to get out of the house. Thousands of our Indian brothers and sisters were stuck in Sudan and hundreds of our brothers and sisters from Karnataka were also there. The situation in Sudan is such that even big countries have refused to evacuate their citizens from there. Despite this, we deployed our entire Air Force, raised the Navy. With the blessings of Maa Kaveri, we conducted Operation Kaveri and brought back our Indian brothers and sisters. PM Modi said that Congress did not support the country in such difficult times. The Congress deliberately exposed the stranded Indians in Sudan to the miscreants there. Is this the sensitivity of the Congress towards the citizens of the country?

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