Tesla, its Model S, and soon to be a billionaire Musk

Tesla, its Model  S, and soon to be a billionaire Musk 

It has been over a decade since Tesla Model S first debuted, a small California-based startup, which left behind the whole industry and is now sitting at the top, due to its nonstop pace of innovation and devotion toward vehicle electrification, a company that broke all the barriers, and achieved the unthinkable. 

Tesla now, is among the most valuable companies on the planet, adding to that its CEO, Elon Musk, is the richest man in the world. 

Further, we will look at how Tesla’s groundbreaking innovation contributed to the evolution of the auto world.  

Model S is still on sale in the market, even though competitors in the market are finally able to catch up to it in respect of driving range and performance, whereas other models of the company, namely, Model 3 and Model Y sell in far greater numbers. 

Although there’s always a great amount of attention to Tesla’s interesting innovations, there have always been critics claiming the opposite. Many raised questions, along the lines of — There wasn’t enough consumer demand for electric cars, and Tesla will go bankrupt. Looking back on that, Tesla and the needs of the consumers sure have come a long way. 

However, the one thing that has made Tesla stand out and transformed the reputation of the Model S is as much as Tesla’s quest for self-driving. This innovation and Musk’s fate of becoming a billionaire have been entwined long ago, Musk’s promises about vehicle autonomy,  and with the crashes and fatalities where Autopilot—a feature that automates some braking, acceleration, and steering tasks with the driver still in control—is suspected to be a factor.

Aside from the shift toward electric powertrains, there’s also been a mandatory shift to make cars more connected, there’s also a great improvement in infotainment systems, which again, Tesla leads in. 


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