Thames river festival host Durga Pooja this year

Jul 09 2018 05:19 PM
Thames river festival host Durga Pooja this year

Secularism and harmony have been on the prior look outs of the world right now. The Thames Festival 2018 recently made an announcement and assured that it would be a memorable festival for the Indians, majorly those belonging to Bengal.

Reports suggest that the The Thames Festival, 2018 shall perform the Durga Pooja on the river. is going to be an exciting festival for Indians, especially for those from Bengal. According to reports, Totally Thames Festival 2018 is going to showcase Durga Puja festival on the Thames River. Hence it can be expected that the Thames is going to treat the NRI and pull large number of tourists from all parts of India.  

According to sources the MoU signed by the British council and the goivernment of West Bengal has encouraged the Authorities towards promoting Indian culture.  

The Chief Minister of Bengal, Mamta Banerjee, recently affirmed that she is all set to perform the Durga Pooja of Bengal on the Thames river of UK from 13 August to 18 September. The performance would be a part of their their cultural exchange programme.

Similarly Bengal shall also host a river festival similare to the one hosted at the Thames.

Totally Thames is a river festival held in Thames and this year the festival shall commence on the 1st of september and would conclude on the 30th of September.

Mamta Banerjee also announced rthat like UK has Thames, India has the Ganga, hence the way they are encouragin g our festival,we can also host a celebration for one of their festival.

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