The 5th edition of 'India's Greenest Music Festival' to promote sustainability
The 5th edition of 'India's Greenest Music Festival' to promote sustainability

NEW DELHI: Bangalore will once again host the greenest music festival in all of India. This year, on the 3rd and 4th of December, Echoes of Earth will return for its fifth edition, bringing with it tales, fun, and a spirit of the season unlike any other.

The festival will take place at Bangalore's (Embassy Riding School), which is surrounded by 180 acres of lush vegetation. With inventive stages made from recycled materials and a selection of eclectic musical genres that are known to attract a new-age listening audience, the festival is poised to revive the essence of conscious lifestyle events that promote mindfulness, sustainability, and an alternative, circular lifestyle.

The idea for the event has been developed with the help of sustainability as a key tool. Through programmes like solar-powered stages, no-plastic zones, sapling drives, responsible trash disposal and reduction systems, and other measures, the event has considerably decreased its carbon footprint over the last six years. This year, the focus is on how to employ circular economies, regeneration, and conservation to develop future lifestyle events.

The festival introduces a fresh topic each year that centres on honouring the Earth through fresher, untried stories. With the theme "Circle of life," Echoes of Earth, now in its fifth edition, is bringing together tales of wildlife and nature conservation from the uncharted nooks and crannies of India's different ecosystems. 

This unique circle includes a variety of inspiring human impact tales that are empowering and elevating the planet's threatened wildlife and natural areas. "A location that has room for everyone and where celebration never ceases" is how the circle is best understood. Over 40 regional and worldwide artists are gathered for Circle of Life, helping to shape the direction of distinctive world sounds. On these stages, captivating local bands like Anyasa, Hanumankind, Till Apes, and more will perform alongside rising international acts like The Yussef Dayes Experience, Kerala Dust, Dauwd, and Henry Saiz & Band presents Moonshine Wolves.

Festival director Roshan Netalkar, a pioneer in sustainable lifestyle events, says, "The idea of the Circle of Life has been in development for a while. It largely emphasises practising moderation in daily life. We want to reconsider how we use our natural resources and pay attention to the life around us. 

Through dialogue, instruction, circular design that also supports the recycling of our previous year's assets, and lastly by moving toward becoming a carbon negative event, this year's festival aims to elevate the experience we have created in the past." Echoes of Earth in 2022 is expected to make ripples in a number of communities linked by a desire for a cleaner, greener future, diversified music, and distinctive art. Live events are making a comeback in previously unheard-of ways. The act of unwinding and enjoying yourself in the presence of nature now has a name, and it is not some ethereal echo.

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