Omg! The biggest disclosure on the death of Sridevi was kept hidden
Omg! The biggest disclosure on the death of Sridevi was kept hidden

Bollywood's evergreen actress Sridevi has now said goodbye to all of us. She died in Dubai due to a heart attack on the night of February 25.  Sridevi went to Dubai for joining one of her relatives' wedding. According to the reports, it is being told that when Sridevi was in the bathroom, her foot crumbled, she had fallen and suddenly she started getting nervous and uneasy.  She died shortly after it. When people heard the news of her demise, no one was believing that she had died. Everyone was saying that they are just rumors.

But when Sridevi's relative Sanjay Kapoor tweeted on this incident, then everyone was reassured. At the age of 54, she had said goodbye to the world. She was the first such actress who was called superstar and even known as Lady Amitabh in Bollywood. Even though there were plenty of Bollywood secrets, you will be surprised by this one about Sridevi.

During an interview, brother of Sridevi said that his marriage has been done with Sridevi. Everybody is shocked on this matter and after all who was this person? Yes, yes, this brother is none other than Sridevi's husband Boney Kapoor. When Boney Kapoor saw Sridevi, he gave her his heart at first sight.

When both of them were working for 'Mr. India' and this did not look good to Mithun and she was forced to tie Rakhi. She did this because of the affair of Mithun and Sridevi, but after some time these two broke up. Boney Kapoor became her supporter at that time. Boney convinced Shree Devi for marriage and both of them got married.

As soon as the news came that Sridevi had passed away, everyone in the country was in shock, not only Bollywood, but big sports personalities and political world are in shock. Every big person in the country has mourned over the twitter. Even the country's Prime Minister Narendra Modi also expressed his condolences.

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