Pregnant sister's happiness destroyed by brothers, shocking case
Pregnant sister's happiness destroyed by brothers, shocking case

Rajgarh: A shocking incident is coming to light from the Rajgarh district of Madhya Pradesh, where a 25-year-old man was shot dead by his own two relatives. The deceased has been identified as Lakhan Rajput. The police have arrested three people in this murder case. The police said on Friday that the criminals were upset that Lakhan had eloped with their sister and married.

Machalpur police station in-charge Jitendra Ajnare said that Rajpal Rajput, Lokesh Rajput, and their uncle Prem Singh Rajput have been arrested on charges of murder. The police said that Lakhan Rajput and Neetu had eloped and gotten married last year. It is said that on Wednesday evening, the three criminals saw Lakhan Rajput in Dhanod village of Rajgarh and attacked him. Lakhan was hit by two of the bullets fired by Prem Singh Rajput, Neetu's uncle, while the other criminals thrashed him with stones. The police officer said that one of them attacked him with an iron rod, which pierced his neck, killing Lakhan on the spot.

Lakhan Rajput's family alleges that they filed a police case against his in-laws for threatening Lakhan's life, but the police did not take any action. Ajnare did not comment on these allegations. He said, "Neetu and Lakhan Rajput were in a relationship for many years, but Neetu's family arranged her marriage 5 years ago in Rajasthan. However, she soon had a fight with her husband and returned home forever. Neetu and Lakhan eloped and got married in July 2022, while Neetu was pregnant. Lakhan's sister Sapna Rajput said, 'My sister-in-law Neetu Rajput's family was threatening to kill my brother and father. My sister-in-law had lodged a case with the police, but the police did not take any action. It was because of the negligent attitude of the police that my brother died."

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