The Congress has accused Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao of cheating farmers.
The Congress has accused Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao of cheating farmers.

Hyderabad : Congress MLA Jagga Reddy has alleged that Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao cheated farmers. He was speaking to reporters at the Congress state office. MLA Jayaprakash Reddy said that the Chief Minister, Telangana Rashtra Samithi Chandrasekhar Rao had earlier opposed the agricultural laws passed by the Center, so how can we support him now. KCR said that farmers have suffered a lot due to wrong decisions. After returning from a visit to Delhi, KCR decided to cancel the food production collection centers.

He alleged that anti-farmer decisions were being taken by the Telangana Rashtra Samithi and the BJP. Farmers now have to make tough decisions about these two parties. MLA Jagga Reddy announced that the decision taken for the state government would have to be withdrawn. If there is no positive response, he goes on a one-day fast on Wednesday.

On the other hand, former Congress state president and minister Ponnala Lakshmaiah said the state's interests had been severely damaged by the lack of control over the CM KCR administration. He said the decisions taken by KCR were reminiscent of the Tughlaq regime. KCR does not do any work properly. The promises made to the people during the election were not fulfilled. Despite opposition from the opposition and the public, they make their own decisions and withdraw a few days later. He said that due to the arrogance of the Chief Minister, lack of experience, lack of grip on the administration, etc., the interests of the state were being undermined in the KCR administration and many decisions taken by the Chief Minister were disturbing the people.


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