Twitter is going to come up with a special version for users soon

The popularity of the clubhouse has forced tech companies to come up with their new alternative to retain their consumers on the platform. Twitter launched its own Twitter space as a clubhouse competitor on Android and iOS. Now, there is also an agreement to bring a desktop version of the microblogging platform Spaces. It has been learned that Twitter is working on a web version for Spaces. Twitter is testing how the feature will look on the desktop.

A developer of Twitter Spaces has also posted some designs on how the Spaces can appear on the web. According to the screenshot shared, the Twitter Space Card for the web will look the same as it appears on mobile. It will have a list of participants including hosts, speakers, listeners, and will also have the option of 'Join the Space'. It is also expected that Twitter Spaces for the web will work in the same way as it does on mobile.

Twitter Spaces has many features: Let us know that Twitter Spaces also offers real-time audio conversion, reaction, emojis, the ability to share tweets, automatic caption early version, and many more features. Apart from this, the spaces are public and appear in the flatline at the top of the timeline of the consumers who follow any consumer who has created the space. However, the spaces remain only as long as they are open. Once clauses, they are not publicly available on Twitter.

11 people allowed to speak including the host: Spaces is live and anyone who is on Twitter can join to listen. In addition, only 11 people are allowed to speak, including the host, who are connected via shared links.

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