Eccentric lover spoiled the life of girl, matter will shock you

Gopalganj: In a one-sided love affair in Gopalganj, Bihar, the eccentric Ashiq threw acid on a young woman. Along with his friends, the criminal entered the girl's house in the middle of the night and then committed the incident. The victim has been admitted to Gorakhpur Medical College. Police have arrested three boys in the case on suspicion.

Police said the man was in one-sided love with the girl. When he came to know that the young woman was going to get married on June 9, he became afire. The accused along with his three friends hatched the plan and on the night of May 7, he reached the girl's house. The girl was sleeping in the room. The eccentric Ashiq threw acid at her from the window and fled from there.

As soon as the acid fell, the young woman started screaming. Hearing the sound, the family members also woke up and came to the girl's room. The young woman was badly burnt due to acid. She was admitted to a local hospital in a fit of rage. Seeing the serious condition, she was referred to Gorakhpur Medical College from there. It is being said that the victim's father is unable to speak. He reported the entire case to the police in a tearful gesture. Police have registered a case at present and the main culprit is being searched. The case is now being investigated by the police.

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