The face pack of Pomegranate will bring pink glow in your skin

Jan 02 2019 11:46 AM
The face pack of Pomegranate will bring pink glow in your skin

Girls who have skin oily have to face many problems. Oily skin often has a problem with stains or scars, which looks very bad. If you are also troubled by your oily skin problem then today we are going to tell you about some of the face packs of pomegranates, which will ease the problem of your oily skin.

1- If you have stains in your face due to oily skin, then grind them with some pomegranate seeds to get rid of these, then add little curd to it. Now put this paste on the face for half an hour, then wash it with cold water, it will remove the scars from your face twice this week.

2- There is a lot of vitamin C present in lemon, which is very beneficial for your skin, if you want to enhance the colour of your skin then apply pomegranate grain paste to your face by mixing lemon juice. Wash it on drying, doing this will enhance your color and your skin will get four moons. 

3- To bring the glow in your face, mix the pomegranate grain with honey and grind it, and then apply it on your face, after half an hour, wash it with light lukewarm water, doing this will shine in your face.

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