Fear of Corona continues to grow in Brazil, new cases found again
Fear of Corona continues to grow in Brazil, new cases found again

Washington: Everyone is troubled in the present day due to the problem of the Coronavirus continuously increasing for the past several days. While there are so many people who have lost their lives due to the outbreak of this virus and the epidemic. Not only this, due to the grip of this virus, millions of people are getting infected every day, while the death rate due to coronavirus is increasing continuously. Today, more than 3 lakh 29 thousand people have lost their lives due to the virus. Even now, it cannot be said openly how long the virus will get rid of and when the situation will improve.

Brazilian Health Ministry has informed that 19,951 new cases of corona infection have been registered in the country in the last 24 hours. This is the largest number of cases encountered in a day. The total number of cases in Brazil has increased to 291,579. Earlier on Tuesday, the highest number of cases were reported. So far 18,859 people have died due to corona in the country.

Schools closed due to epidemic in South Korea on Wednesday have been reopened. Students have also started coming to school. However, due to the circumstances not being completely normal so far, students have also been asked to give quick leave in some schools here. 32 new cases have been reported here in 24 hours.

In the documents of the Pentagon, the headquarters of the US Ministry of Defense, there has been a warning that the corona vaccine will not be available in the year 2021 until June-July. It has been raised the possibility that the corona may spread again on a large scale. It has been revealed from the leaked documents of the US Army. However, this could not be officially confirmed.

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