The government to install high-security prisons like in Tihar after Baghpat shoot-out

This is not the first time in the state when there is a murder in Bagpat Jail. Earlier, also these incidents happened. For the purpose of curbing these conspiracies, the matter of a high-security prison in the state is being raised strongly on the lines of Tihar. The prison authorities have sought suggestions from all the jail superintendents of the state in this direction, the biggest suggestion is in High-Security Jail. It has been said that divide the state into three parts and creates three high-security prisons, in which sensitive and susceptible criminals are kept and the security of these prisons should be given to any other security agency instead of the jail administration. After the suggestion, the idea of making the first High-Security prison in Lalitpur has been started and the land has also been marked for it.
Senior Superintendent of Local Prisons Alok Singh, on the lines of Tihar, says that after the Baghpat scam, suggestions have been sought from IG / ADG prison for better security arrangements and resources and changes from all the superintendents. In this direction, the emphasis has been laid on strict security arrangements related to the jails outside the city like Baghpat. There are many cities in the state where there is a jail outside the city. The arrangement for security and meeting is very complex and difficult.
The state has divided into three parts i.e. Purvanchal, Madhyanchal and Westanchal and suggestions of three high-security jails have also been reached, in which criminals of three parts are kept. In these prisons, there should be standards of arrangement for protection from CISF or any other security agency on the lines of Tihar, not carrying any luggage from outside. 
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