Bride didn't like the lehenga ordered by Groom, marriage cancelled
Bride didn't like the lehenga ordered by Groom, marriage cancelled

Dehradun: The season of weddings has started. Meanwhile, a shocking incident is coming out from Haldwani in Uttarakhand where a girl did not like the lehenga ordered by the groom and refused to marry him. It is being said that the groom ordered Rs 10,000 lehenga from Lucknow for the bride, but the bride did not like the lehenga and the bride refused to marry. 

This whole incident reached Haldwani Kotwali, where both parties were sent back after a mutual agreement. The groom's side had also got the wedding cards printed. When both parties reached Kotwali, the ruckus increased. With great difficulty, a compromise was reached in defence of the police and both parties went to their respective homes. In this case, the police said that both parties have reached an agreement after sitting and cancelling the marriage. People from the girl's side are residents of Nainital, Haldwani, while the people from the boy's side are from Almora.

Both of them got engaged in the month of June and the marriage was fixed in November. Both families accused each other and the ruckus continued to increase, but after the efforts of the police and the local people, both parties were explained. Now after the consent of both families, this marriage was cancelled.

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