Good news for Indian doctors and nurses living in America
Good news for Indian doctors and nurses living in America

Washington: Good news has come to India from the United States of America (USA) amid the crisis caused by the Coronavirus. To meet the needs of the health care sector in the country, US lawmakers have introduced in Congress a bill giving thousands of foreign nurses and doctors green cards or local legal residency status.

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With the 'The Healthcare Workforce Resilience Act', those green cards, which were approved by the Congress in the last year, were not given to anyone. This bill will allow thousands of additional medical professionals to work in the US permanently. According to a press release, this bill will issue green cards to 25,000 nurses and 15,000 doctors during the Corona global epidemic and ensure that there is no shortage of medical professionals.

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The move is likely to benefit a large number of Indian nurses and doctors who hold either H-1B or J2 visas. The bill was introduced in the House of Representatives by MPs AB Finkenor, Brand Schneider, Tom Cole and Don Bacon. David Purdue, Dick Durbin, Todd Young and Chris Koons introduced this bill in the Senate.

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