Will scientists be able to find the corona vaccine?
Will scientists be able to find the corona vaccine?

Our country has good institutions as well as good scientists to find epidemic medicine between lockdown and corona infection. Not only the government, private companies are also coming forward to help. The solidarity of common people is also unthinkable. Science, technology and medicine industry will have to work together to overcome such a challenge in future.

The picture of the pandemic after the Spanish flu in 1918 is a century after the Spanish flu in the year 1918, again the world has come face to face with a picture of a pandemic. In the developing and developed country, this merge is taking every part of the earth under its control like the mouth of Sursa.

Biotechnology institutes and research institutes around the world are united day and night in finding the break of this strange virus. Due to the tune of not giving up, man keeps a separate place among all the living beings. That is why he is engaged in every effort to disarm the virus with body, mind and money. Worldwide, more than hundred vaccines are at various stages of development. At the same time, day and night research is being done in dozens of institutions to know and understand every aspect of the coronavirus. One step is being taken after preparing the blueprint. When there is no emergency, there is no concerted effort in parallel. Drugs and vaccines have not been prepared to control such epidemics.

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