BF was going to marry another girl when GF arrived, then guests were also stunned to see what happened
BF was going to marry another girl when GF arrived, then guests were also stunned to see what happened

Amroha: A video from Amroha in UP, the country's largest state, is going viral, where a girlfriend openly performed high-voltage drama and stopped her lover's procession. Not only this, the girlfriend removed the groom from the buggy and even beat him up. Enraged by this case, the baraatis started beating the girlfriend, and then the bride's family members ran and beat the baraatis. The video of the whole case is going viral on social media.  

The same groom somehow escaped from the girlfriend, but in addition to the girlfriend and the baraatis, there were a lot of kicking punches in the bride's family. The matter has now reached the police station. The police persuaded the three parties and sent them home. The incident took place in the Rahra police station area of Amroha. Akshay, a resident of Sambhal district, had just reached the bride's house with his procession when suddenly his girlfriend reached there. The girlfriend first surrounded the groom sitting on the buggy and heard him bewildered and then started beating him.

Seeing this behaviour of the same girlfriend, a scuffle started between the bride and the bridegroom and the matter reached a fight. Due to this, the groom jumped from the buggy and sat on the motorcycle and fled. As soon as the news of the matter was received, the police reached the spot and pacified the matter. The bride's side was adamant about filing a case of 420. But the police have made a reconciliation between the three. At the same time, the girl says that she is having a love affair with the groom since the year 2018. If she marries, she will marry only her lover. This matter remains the subject of discussion in the whole region.

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