Sampat Nehra, henchman of Lawrence Bishnoi, reveals shocking: 'Salman Khan is the next target
Sampat Nehra, henchman of Lawrence Bishnoi, reveals shocking: 'Salman Khan is the next target

Salman Khan, a well-known actor in Bollywood films, has received numerous threats on his life from the Lawrence Bishnoi gang in the past. These threats led to increased security measures for Khan, including the acquisition of a bulletproof car. Despite these precautions, recent statements from Sampat Nehra, an associate of gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, have once again raised concerns about Khan's safety.

Nehra, who underwent questioning by authorities for five days, made significant claims during the interrogation. He stated that Salman Khan is the next target of the gang, with plans already in motion for an attack. This isn't the first time Nehra has targeted Khan; however, previous attempts have failed. Nehra's revelation comes amid ongoing police investigations into his ties with the Bishnoi gang.

According to sources familiar with the interrogation, Nehra admitted to orchestrating various criminal activities through the gang's network, including extortion and internal conflicts, while serving time in prison. Nehra also disclosed that the Bishnoi gang operates through numerous proxies across different cities, all working towards fulfilling the gang's objectives.

Following the interrogation, Nehra has been returned to Bhatinda Jail under heavy security. Law enforcement agencies are diligently verifying all information provided during the questioning process. The safety of Salman Khan remains a significant concern, prompting increased vigilance from both authorities and Khan's personal security team.

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