The man sitting under the engine in the full speed running train, then such a miracle happened, everyone was stunned.

Gaya: A shocking incident has come to light from Gaya in Bihar. A man sat under the train engine and the train ran at high speed. Many stations were crossed, but no one could imagine that there was a man sitting under the engine. Later, when the train reached gaya railway junction, the man was seen crying. Then the Railways saved his life and a major accident was averted.

It is being said that the train was going to Gaya junction after covering a distance of about 50 to 60 km from Rajgir. It is being said that at Rajgir station itself, the man sat in a narrow place under the train engine. Then the train kept running, but nothing happened to the man. But at Gaya junction, the man's crying was heard. At first, the driver of the train heard the sound and as soon as he saw the bottom of the train, the man was sitting under  the engine.

The same news has been received that the person is mentally ill. As soon as the man was rescued by the railway men, he ran away from the station. The man has not yet been identified. But everyone is believing that sitting in the place where the person travelled is also equal to sitting there. His survival is considered nothing short of a great miracle. Now why did the man travel by sitting under the train engine, what was the compulsion that he sat there at the risk of his life, so far the railways do not have the answer to any question because the man ran away from the station immediately after his rescue.

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