Husband-wife unique scandal, one is leader and the other is 'Robinhood'
Husband-wife unique scandal, one is leader and the other is 'Robinhood'

Surat: The Crime Branch in Gujarat's Surat has arrested two thieves who used to help the poor with stolen money. The story of these VIP thieves, popularly known as 'Robinhood', is very interesting. The wife of a criminal who committed thefts in many cities of the country including Gujarat is a leader in Bihar and he himself used to play an active role in politics with his wife. This alleged Robinhood, who belongs to the world of politics and crime, has been caught by Surat police after a lot of hard work.

One of the two arrested thieves is Mohammad Irfan alias Ujale Akhtar Sheikh while the other has been identified as Muzammil Ghulam Rasool Sheikh. Mohammad Irfan alias Ujale Akhtar Sheikh is a resident of the Sitamarhi district of Bihar. While his accomplice is also a resident of Pokharera village in the Sitamarhi district. However, he currently lives in Hyderabad.  

Mohammad Irfan alias Ujale Mohammad Akhtar Sheikh has been an expert in the theft business for years. He has committed thefts in Bihar, Delhi, Punjab and Surat city of Gujarat. On the night of July 27, he entered a bungalow in Raghuveer Society in Umra police station area of Surat city and escaped after stealing Rs 6.61 lakh. The car number was not from Surat, so the police were having problems catching him, but finally, Surat police arrested him from the Mithikhadi area of the Limbayat police station area. The police have also seized stolen goods and a loaded Indian pistol, and two cartridges from these two criminals. With this, the incident of theft in the Umra area of Surat has been solved by the Surat crime branch. About 5 years ago, the Delhi Police had also arrested him on charges of theft, even then he made headlines in the name of Robinhood. Mohammad Irfan has admitted that he used to go in a luxury car to carry out the theft and spend the stolen money on the poor, Surat Crime Branch Senior Police Inspector Lalit Baghadia said. However, the police are not believing his story at the moment. Both the arrested criminals used to do recce during the day and then go to steal at the location with the help of Google Map at night. The police or anyone else did not suspect his actions so the plate of the Zilla Parishad member was put on the car. He also came to thank the supporters living in Surat after his wife's victory.

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