This shadow known as 'Shadows of Hiroshima' is mystery from last 75 years

Mar 12 2020 05:36 PM
This shadow known as  'Shadows of Hiroshima' is mystery from last 75 years

Hiroshima of Japan is the first city in the world where the atomic bomb was dropped. This devastating incident took place on August 6, 1945, and the bomb was dropped by the US, which was quite frightening. At one place in this city, there is a shadow resembling a human being, which has remained a mystery for everyone for 75 years. This shadow is known as 'The Hiroshima Steps Shadow' or 'Shadows of Hiroshima'. When the nuclear attack on Hiroshima took place during the Second World War, millions of people died in one stroke. This shadow image was also taken at a distance of 850 feet from the blast site where a person was sitting.

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It is said that the immense power of the atomic bomb completely wiped out that person, but he could not erase his shadow. The reality of this shadow could never be identified who was the person who was sitting there. It remains a mystery till now. According to an estimate, about one lakh 40 thousand people died in the Hiroshima nuclear explosion. When the explosion took place, fierce energy came out of it and it is said that about 60 thousand to 80 thousand people were killed due to its heat, whereas later thousands of people died due to nuclear radiation-related diseases.

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The name of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima was 'Little Boy', which weighed around 4400 kg. It is said that the explosion of this bomb generated heat up to about 4,000 degrees Celsius at the ground level. Humans cannot tolerate heat up to 50-55 degrees Celsius, the heat of 4,000 degrees Celsius was obviously enough to burn any person to ashes in a moment.

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