The unstoppable attitude is what you need to make it big in the music industry.
The unstoppable attitude is what you need to make it big in the music industry.

Who is Krishna Singh Thakur?
Krishna Singh Thakur is a pop singer who started his career as a business man and he started his event management company in 2013 when he used to organise big events for the musicians and pop singers from India and abroad. Looking at the infectious energy that the crowd used to bring with itself during the concerts and his own early love with music prompted him to try his luck in the music industry. Now after a successful super hit song “I am a star baby”, he talked to us about how his art influenced his career and his surroundings and what are his secrets to success?
What Inspires Krishna Singh Thakur?
In an exclusive interview with us, Krishna revealed that even though he needs peace and creative inspiration to create songs, he is very competitive in nature and this is what makes him work hard on his art. He is humble and knows what makes the Indian audience appreciate your art and he is gradually moving towards becoming India’s new pop sensation.
We asked him that doesn’t it look like a dream come true?
On asking this question, he smiled and said, “Well yes, it does sometimes and I am really grateful for where I am today but I also think that it is not just about dreams but how hard you work to turn your dreams into reality. Back when I started the event business in 2013, it was not clear for me what I want to do but when I understood what I should be doing, I did not do any delay and started learning everything about both music as a creative pursuit and business. So, I have earned it.” He added, “I consider myself a learner. I took a shot and I am glad that people loved it. As of now, “I am a Star Baby has more than 3 Lakhs views on the YouTube and this would not have been possible without your love. So, I give credit of my success to my audience, Zee Music and  the hard work that I have done to make the song a great success.”
Krishna Singh Thakur on his upcoming projects.
He said that he is grateful for his hit debut “I am a superstar baby” which has gathered more than 3 Lakh views on YouTube. The song which has been released by Zee music label, is a hit and a party banger. Soon, we will be listening to his upcoming song “Supertar Peg” and there are several more songs which are waiting for release this year. We wish him all the best and really wish that he becomes India’s upcoming popstar. 

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