You will be stunned to see the rain of fish here, see the video

It is understandable if it rains with water, but nowadays it rains strangely. Yes, in fact, it has rained fish recently. Now, you will say that we are lying, but it is true. It has rained in the fish. Fish are rained here to keep water matter alive in a lake. You may be surprised to hear that but it is true. In fact, 35,000 fish have been air-pumped into the lake by a low flying plane here.



In the meantime, before opening the plane's hatch, it is taken care that the plane is at a much lower altitude than the lake so that the fish do not die. These fish are about one to three inches long. Tell you that these fish are put in a large bucket and loaded into the plane. When the plane approaches the lake, the pilots open the door and the fish start falling from the sky into the water. The scene during this time is so amazing that one is surprised to see it.

The video is currently shared by many on social media and people are increasingly reacting to it. This is done because trains are not able to go to the place where this lake is located. That is why the plane is resorted to here. But after watching this video, many people are worried about whether the fish survive. Under the information we have received, 95 percent of the fish reach the lake alive.

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