Woman murdered two days ago, now sensation after child's body was found

The beheaded body of a child has been found in a forest near Siwalkhas in Meerut. His age is said to be about 14-15 years. There was an uproar in the area since the incident came to light. Information about the corpse was received when a farmer had gone to irrigate the field. He first saw the body of the child. On receiving information, police reached the spot and enquired about the incident. At present, the police are still engaged in identifying the body by sending it for postmortem.

Police are also questioning people around in the case. SP Dehat Keshav Kumar said that the body of a boy, who is 14-15 years old, has been found. The body is yet to be identified. Police are trying to ascertain the identity only after which something can be said. Legal action is currently being taken by filing a case.

A woman was murdered two days ago: 2 days ago in Meerut, she was also brutally murdered. The husband attacked the wife with a hammer and killed her. The man hit his wife on the head with a hammer and then cut her neck and killed her. After committing the murder, the accused himself reached the police station and confessed to his crime. Police have taken the body into custody and sent it for post-mortem.

Devendra Singh, a resident of Shivlok Puri under the Kankarkheda police station area of Meerut, was married to Pratima. They also have a 10-year-old son. Pratima was a government teacher in a primary school in Nanu village of Sardhana. There was always an atmosphere of a dispute between the husband and wife. It is being told that the husband also used to drink alcohol and there was always a quarrel between the husband and wife, the situation would reach the point of beating.

The 10-year-old son Ashu has said that he was watching games in the morning on the mobile, his mother scolded him and beat him up for not completing his school homework. In the meantime, his father also arrived there. The father's head was aching. The dispute between the husband and wife over the beating of the son escalated and he killed her.

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