Woman went to toilet at midnight, suddenly the child's head fell out

Being pregnant for any woman is such a phase, in which the woman goes through many types of experiences for 9 months. Due to this many changes take place in the woman's body. But some such incidents also come to the fore, in which the woman does not even know that she is pregnant. Suddenly she is delivered, then it is understood that she has become a mother. Something similar happened with 36-year-old Nicola. Nicola did not know about her pregnancy until the baby was born in her arms.

Nicola, who lives in Cardiff, Wales, UK, said she was not informed of her pregnancy until she gave birth to a baby boy in the middle of the night. She went to the toilet at night. She felt like pressure. But she didn't even think in her dream that it was actually a labour pain. Her 14-year-old daughter assisted her with the delivery.

According to Nicola, for some time she had been a little discoloured. But she never linked it to pregnancy. There was a special reason for that. Nicola's periods were coming every month. Because of this, she couldn't even think of her being pregnant. She had a mild fever the night before the delivery. Because of this, she ate paracetamol and started doing household chores. She made dinner and went to sleep after feeding the children. Nicola said that on March 15, at 3 pm, she suddenly got a stomach cramp. She felt that her stomach was upset and she had to do the potty. That's why she went to the toilet. But there her water bag broke and she realized that she was actually pregnant. She called out to her 14-year-old daughter and delivered her child with her help. Everyone is shocked after this incident. At the moment, both the mother and the baby are fine.

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