Haridwar: Pistol-knife Recovered From Haryana Youth Car, Creating A Ruckus After Drinking Alcohol

Dehradun: Three Haryana residents were arrested late last night at the pit parking lot causing a commotion. As a consequence of the search, police discovered several handguns and knives in the car of the suspects. The police have filed a report under the relevant provisions of the law, and the perpetrators have been brought before the court.

According to Nagar Kotwal Rakendra Kathait, police got a report about 10 p.m. on Thursday that some persons were causing a commotion by drinking alcohol in the pit parking lot in the Rodibel chowki region on the highway. The teens were said to be driving in the wrong way. They were halted by the parking attendants, who then assaulted him with a knife.


After that, outpost in-charge Anshul Agarwal and police officers raced to the scene and apprehended the suspects. As a consequence, his vehicle was searched, and a desi gun and knife were taken. Rocky Kumar, a resident of Bhaisurkalan village in Rohtak district, Vikas Sharma, and Vishal, a resident of Khatkar Thana Kundli village in Sonepat district, were identified during the same interview. Vishal Kumar has been charged with having a rocky and knife in connection with the possession of a desi pistol under provisions of the Arms Act.

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