No statue of a great man or leader installed in this city of India
No statue of a great man or leader installed in this city of India

Mumbai: In the era of politics of symbols, there is a lot of emphasis on statues. There is a competition to install the highest statue. But you will be shocked to know that there is a city in the country where there is no statue of a single great person present. We are talking about the city of Ambajogai in Maharashtra.

It is true that the practice of installing a statue has been going on for a long time to remember a great personality and to inspire the people with its ideals. On the birth anniversary or death anniversary of that person, garlanding the statue is remembered every year. Leaders also give speeches etc. on such an occasion. This is one aspect of the coin. Numerous such incidents also occur when people of opposite ideology disregard statues and it also becomes a cause of tension in the society.

A lot has to be done for the safety and maintenance of these idols, which cost both time and money. Ambajogai district with a population of one and a half lakhs will probably be the only city in India, where no person, leader, social worker has ever installed a statue on any road, intersection.

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