These 4 under ground lakes will make you visit them at least once

Nov 26 2018 03:10 PM
These 4 under ground lakes will make you visit them at least once

Apart form mountain, sea, ocean and temples, lakes also attracts the large volume of the tourists . Sitting on the back of a lake and watching the beauty of this water body is one of the most pleasent and relaxing thing. Today we are going to give you information about some beautiful lakes which are not on land but under it .

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1- There is lake in China  which is 1300 years old. This lake is present in the Guilin area and it is known as Blue Lake, this lake was built during the Tang dynasty.

2- A cave exists in Britain's Samar set. This cave is considered to be the world's largest cave. There is a lake inside this cave, tourists come from distant places to see this colorful cave and lake.

3- This lake, located below the mountains in California, was discovered by the arrival of an earthquake in 1943. To see this lake you have to sit in the boat.

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4- The Lake Carlsbad present in Mexico is located inside the largest cave below the Savannes National Park. This lake is so beautiful that you too will be surprised to see it.

So what are you waiting for pack your bag and go to catch these magics of Nature. 

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