These 5 questions are asked in each interview, keep them ready.

If you are fresher and preparing for a job interview, it is very natural for you to be in trouble. You may be taking mock tests for your better performance in the interview, taking tips from seniors but still not being perfect at all. However, did you know that some common questions are asked in each interview? You can secure your job by preparing them better. A variety of questions are asked in each interview. Some are about education, some are about your career goals and some are personal. Many questions are used to understand the hr candidate's thinking process while many are estimated for analytical skills. Find out the common questions asked in the interview and the better way to answer them.

1- Tell me something about yourself:-
This is the most common question asked at the beginning of any interview. Through this HR wants to know what else you can tell about yourself, which is not present in your CV.

2- Why did you choose this career?
While interviewing freshers, hr's list includes the question: 'Why did you choose this career?' This makes them want to guess whether you are really interested in this sector or not.

3- What is your hobby or passion?
Through this question HR wants to know who you will be interested in other than work. Will you be able to bond with your team or not? Always speak the truth in response.

4- What is your dream job?
Whenever they interview HR freshers, they do ask this question. This gives them an indication of how willing candidates are to work. Answer this very carefully.

5- How do you deal with stress situations?
Stress and stress are part of working life. HR needs to know how you control stress and do teamwork. In response, you can say that it is sometimes necessary to take stress, so that we can manage time while learning new things.

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