These animated movies are available in Hindi on OTT, you will remember your childhood as soon as you watch them
These animated movies are available in Hindi on OTT, you will remember your childhood as soon as you watch them

The world of OTT (Over-The-Top) platforms offers a plethora of animated films and series across various languages. Many prefer watching movies in Hindi, while others enjoy animated content dubbed in Hindi. Animated films not only capture imaginative worlds but also convey profound social messages at times. Let's explore some of the animated films available on OTT platforms today.

Inside Out "Inside Out" explores the idea that life's purpose isn't just about seeking happiness but also about confronting upcoming challenges. The film encourages expressing one's emotions to combat indifference. You can watch this film on Hotstar.


The Smurfs For those who love action-packed adventures, "The Smurfs" is a must-watch. This animated film features small blue supernatural beings who come to Earth. It's perfect for children and available on Netflix.


The Lion King "The Lion King" has garnered a massive fan following. Both children and adults alike adore this film. Catch it on Disney Plus Hotstar for a heartwarming experience.


Turning Red "Turning Red" tells the story of a 13-year-old girl who always obeys her parents but suddenly transforms into a red panda, bringing a twist to her life.


Finding Nemo In this film, Marlin, a clownfish, searches for his son Nemo, who gets lost in the ocean. Along the way, they encounter various characters. Watch it on Disney Plus Hotstar.


Kung Fu Panda Include "Kung Fu Panda" in your watchlist for its spectacular storyline. The film has already released three parts and is available on Netflix. Explore these animated gems on OTT platforms and immerse yourself in their enchanting worlds.


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