If you also want to feel death, then definitely go to this place
If you also want to feel death, then definitely go to this place

If you are very fond of horror films, everyone is fond of it, but when it comes to scary places, not everyone wants to go, but even today there are many people who want to experience these places. Yes, you must have travelled a lot. As we walk through these paths, we have a variety of questions. The trembling begins to escape in the body. Have you ever had such highways in India? But have you ever heard of scary paths if not, we're going to tell you something similar?

Crossing this highway will also make your heart tremble. It is a highway where accidents continue to occur because of fear of not knowing it. We are talking about Ranchi-Jamshedpur NH-33.

The more beautiful this road is, the scarier it is. The Marve-Mud Island Road, which is as beautiful as Mumbai's Mud Island Road, is as narrow and deserted.

Hundreds of accidents have taken place on this highway so far. On the Kashedi Ghat, Mumbai-Goa highway, people hardly leave.

Sudden suicides have increased on this Blue Cross Road in Chennai. That is why people are afraid to go on this highway.

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