These home remedies will relieve back pain

Today,the deteriorating lifestyle (Lifestyle) has brought a variety of health issues into the lives of the people. Health is being damaged by bad food nowadays. In today's world, most people are suffering from serious diseases like thyroid, high blood pressure and diabetes (Diabetes). On the other hand, this routine weakens the immunity (Immunity) and poses a risk of cold. These days it is cold and this season after a cold, in addition to nasal or fever, pain also begins in many parts of the body and includes back pain. However, today we are going to tell you some home remedies for back pain that you can use to relieve back pain.

Ginger tea - If you are suffering from back pain in winter, consume ginger tea to get rid of it. In fact, drinking this tea will help your blood circulation work properly and reduce back pain. Not only that, if you are also suffering from runny nose or cough, it will also be relieved.

Mustard Oil Massage- Massaging hot mustard oil in the cold can keep many problems away from you. Yes, but for that you have to take mustard oil in a pot and add 4 to 5 cloves of garlic and cook them. Massage it around the waist with someone when it is a little lukewarm. Try to get the massage done before going to bed at night, which will give you relief.

Turmeric Milk Consumption of turmeric milk which is effective in relieving cold also boosts your immunity. In fact, drinking it removes many problems from the body. It is best to drink turmeric milk at night. It can also relieve back pain as well as bad pain and colds.

Exercise - Exercise relieves back or bad pain. Do exercise once a day. Those who are not able to exercise can keep themselves active by doing yoga asanas.

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