These people should not eat jaggery by mistake, know the disadvantages of eating

Good is considered to be very beneficial for health. In the winter season, many benefits of eating good food (Gur Khane ke Nuksan) are counted. But eating it can also be harmful. Good is considered to be rich in medicinal properties and in Ayurveda too, many benefits of good are mentioned. However today we are going to tell you about the loss of good. Yes, consuming more good can be very harmful for you. Let us know about it.

Bleeding from the nose is said to be very hot. Consuming too much of it can increase the heat in the body which can lead to nasal bleeding.

Weight gain fast People who diet should not eat too much good. In fact, good is high in calories and can lead to weight gain.

Increases blood sugar - tell you that consuming jaggery can also increase blood sugar levels, because about 9 in 10 grams of jaggery. There is 7 grams of sugar. In this case, if you have a blood sugar problem, do not eat it.

Indigestion – It is said that eating fresh jaggery causes indigestion and stomach upset, so whenever you buy jaggery from the market, check whether the jaggery is fresh or some time old.

Swelling in the body - If your body is inflamed, do not consume jaggery by mistake. Yes, jaggery is actually high in sukroz, and it can increase your inflammation further.

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