These Tattoo designs will take your breath away !

Sep 24 2018 10:12 AM
These Tattoo designs will take your breath away !

Many People are fond of tattoos and we do not know what they can do for it . Someone puts efforts for designing, and someone works hard for their collection. Today, we are going to tell you about an artist whose tattoos will blow your mind too. Although you may have seen thousands of tattoos but you have never seen them before, let's tell you about it.

Actually, this Tattoo Artist belongs to Paris named Lewisink designed some tattoos that can't let your eyes off from them.

Levi also has a private studio where he applies his creative ideas and designs tattoo with the help of a computer.

You must be surprised to know that Levi has spent seven years in graphic design and now he has been specialized in this skill. You can see how he himself designed tattoos, which are very beautiful.

Lewisink has made a complete book on these tattoos named TTT tattoos. So have a look at tattoos which are really very beautifully designed. He himself has also acknowledged that for the graphic, he has learned computers for seven years so that he can make these tough and difficult designs. You can see that he has also succeeded in it.

Talley Matthew, from Los Angeles helps him in learning all this. Lewi had only said that to become a tattoo artist, he needs to learn more.

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