These unusual and dangerous symptoms seen in 'Omicron' will increase risk
These unusual and dangerous symptoms seen in 'Omicron' will increase risk

New Delhi: Seeing the country's growing corona cases, experts say that the third wave of corona has arrived and the omicron variants  and delta variants are spreading at a rapid pace. India has reported 1.68 lakh new cases of corona infection in the last 24 hours. On the other hand, if we talk about Omicron, it has become a total of 4,461 in India. Most experts on omicronsay say that it is not making it very seriously ill, though some people infected with omicrons are facing a lot of difficulties even after recovery. They are showing signs of long covid.

According to the same United Kingdom report, the rare symptom of corona is also seen in the 'brain fog' omicron variant. According to the report, corona infected ZOE COVID are explaining their symptoms in the study app. Many are also talking about "brain fog" that they are facing this problem. This app analyzes the symptoms reported by the patient. The same brain fog has been a common symptom of corona for some time now. According to the report, reports about brain fog surfaced in October 2020, when the first wave of corona epidemic was going on. Brain fog was not included in normal symptoms of corona such as fever, chills, difficulty breathing, cough and body etc. According to Dr. Shruti Agnihotri, a neurologist at The University of Alabama Birmingham, brain fog can cause more headaches and memory weakness.

According to Dr. Shruti, "Sometimes corona patients recover from problems like fever and difficulty breathing, but they complain of headaches and memory weakness, which is known as brain fog. There are many patients who say they are not paying attention to anything or are finding it difficult to focus. It is also caused by brain fog. This symptom is also visible in the omicron variant, now it remains to be seen how brain fog will affect people in this variant. According to a study by Athena Akrami, a neuroscientist at the same University College of London, people recovering from corona who have been infected with their body can still have more than 200 symptoms long after recovery. Those involved in the research showed many symptoms in their body even after 16 months of recovery. These included common symptoms of long covid such as menstrual change, sexual dysfunction, itching, mental fatigue, confusion, vibration, rapid heartbeat, physical fatigue, etc. These symptoms also included 'brain fog'.

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