These vintage cards of Pokemon were auctioned for Rs 76.25 lakh

Aug 14 2019 01:56 PM
These vintage cards of Pokemon were auctioned for Rs 76.25 lakh

Even now some people are willing to spend millions to buy Pokemon cards. A similar scene was recently witnessed when a pack of Pokemon trading cards was auctioned for $1,07,00 (around Rs 76.25 lakh). It is said that these Pokemon cards are from the year 1999, when the first Pokemon card was printed in English. The pack, auctioned for lakhs of rupees, has 103 cards, which are still in perfect condition without any damage. 

For your information, this rare collection of Pokemon cards was recently introduced in the Goldin e-auction in New Jersey, U.S.A. For the first time, these trading cards were sold at a record price of over $100,000 (around Rs 70.95 lakh). The pack included several popular cards such as Blastoise, Vinasor.

If you talk about some Pokemon experts, this iconic Pokemon collection could bid even higher, even $100,000 less. That's because cards like Charizard can be sold for $10,000 (around Rs 7.10 lakh) alone. A fan who lived in New York last year bought the cards for $60,000 (around Rs 42 lakh).

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