Do not eat these things by mistake on an airplane, else condition can get worse

Today's people love to travel. However, any kind of wrong food during the journey can spoil the mood badly. Even if you are travelling on a plane, you have to take care of many things. Today we are going to tell you what kind of foods should not be eaten while travelling on the plane.

Things made of milk: If you are travelling on a plane, avoid eating milk products such as yoghurt, shakes, cheeses, and others. In fact, due to these, the body temperature can be disturbed and your health can be bad.
Ready to Eat Meat: Some people consume ready-to-eat meat while travelling on a plane, although such food can also spoil their health. There may be meat kept, which has been heated several times, which is not considered good for the body at all.
Harvested fruits: Many types of research have revealed that if fruits are cut and left for a long time, they cause harm rather than benefits. By the way, not only plain, but in general, also you should not consume fruits like this.
Rice: According to experts, if the rice is not kept in the right temperature after cooking, then the number of bacteria present in it increases significantly. At the same time, people in the plane consume such rice and spoil their digestion.

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