This desert is famous as the Sea of Death, know more interesting facts

There is more than one beautiful place to visit all over the world, many people prefer to visit beautiful places as well as strange places to visit. So today we are going to tell you about the largest desert in the world. The desert exists in China and is also known as the Sea of Death. This desert is as beautiful as it looks, but going here is no less than a threat.

The desert exists in the northwest border of China's Xinjiang province. It slips out of place every year. This desert is the second largest desert in the world, going to this desert is no less than a dangerous adventure. 3ред Spread over 37 square kilometers, 85% of the desert shifts from its place every year.

In the world's largest desert, oil company workers have planted trees on both sides of the 436-km highway in 15 years. This has led to greenery here. The project was commissioned in 2002. The aim was to bring greenery. People here believe that anyone who goes to this desert never comes back. It has become a tourist destination due to tree plantation along the highway.

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