This donkey thinks of itself as a deer, this astonishing story from 5 years ago went viral
This donkey thinks of itself as a deer, this astonishing story from 5 years ago went viral

A hunter ventured into the forests of California with the intent to hunt, but what he saw there left him in disbelief. Among a massive herd of elk (the largest species of deer), the hunter spotted a donkey strolling leisurely. According to the hunter, the donkey seemed extremely happy amidst the elk and didn’t appear out of place among the wild animals. The scene was so unusual that the hunter immediately recorded it on his phone and shared it on Instagram.

This event took place in March 2014. The hunter, Max Fennell, is a professional triathlete. In the video he shared, Fennell explained that the donkey was actually protecting the elk herd. The wild animals didn’t move forward until the donkey signaled that everything was safe. He captioned the video saying it was the most unique and extraordinary hunting trip he had ever experienced.

According to a report by People, Max Fennell received a message in June from a woman named Terry Dury, asking where he had gotten the video. When Fennell explained that he had recorded it himself, Terry began asking about the location. Curious about her interest, Fennell inquired about the reason behind her questions, which led to a remarkable story from five years earlier.

Terry revealed that she had adopted a donkey named Diesel from a land management bureau. Along with Diesel, her farm was home to some chickens and a llama. In April 2019, Diesel had run off in fear while returning home and, despite weeks of searching, was never found. Terry and her husband assumed Diesel had wandered into the rugged terrain spanning 30,000 acres in the northwest.



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Terry expressed her joy upon learning that Diesel was happy and healthy. She also mentioned that she wouldn’t attempt to bring Diesel back, as he had now become a wild donkey. The report highlighted that in California, donkeys not only pull carts but also protect livestock on farms, a role that Diesel had evidently taken up.

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