This hospital in Indore has been accused of negligence, relatives gets angry
This hospital in Indore has been accused of negligence, relatives gets angry

Indore: This news is from Dashmesh Hospital in Bhanwarkuan. After the death of one of the patients here on Monday morning, the family was severely vandalized in the hospital. The entire case was admitted to the hospital after a young man was badly injured in an accident. The family members allege that the injured has died after injecting a nurse. Family members say that the young man died due to the negligence of the hospitalists. After this, family members vandalized the hospital.

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According to the information, this accident is believed to be around one and a half o'clock in the night. The deceased had fallen victim to the accident due to collision with the Gokul divider. He was admitted to the hospital in critical condition. Family Sanjay said that Gopal was injected. He was in the hospital at night. The nurse came and injected the patient. The doctors were sleeping. The nurse called him as well. The injured died shortly after being injected. The whole family has accused the nurse of negligence on this matter. Family members created a ruckus in the hospital in the morning.

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Angry relatives have ransacked the hospital a lot. Meanwhile, he also threw stones. After the information of this ruckus and sabotage, the Bhanwarkua police station also reached the spot. According to police officials, Gokul was admitted at 3 pm. Due to which he was badly injured due to hitting the divider. He died during the treatment. The family says that Gokul died due to the negligence of the hospitalists. Recently, the body has been sent to the PM by making a panchnama.

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