This house is safe even after being built in a dangerous place
This house is safe even after being built in a dangerous place

By the way, when it comes to unique things, there are many things in the world that are unique and unusual in themselves. Today we are going to give you information about houses built in unique places. When it comes to homes, people build their homes in a safe place, but when you go to these places, you will see that people have built their homes in a strange and unique way. So let's know about these places.

Hanging Monastery, China- Heng Mountain in Shandi is one of China's dangerous mountains. People have built houses on the banks of these mountains. Which appears to be swinging in the air is also known as a hanging monastery.

Al-Hajrah​, Yemen- The city is situated on Yemen's highest mountains called Al Hajrah. It is considered to be of the 12th century.

Ponte Vecchio, Italy - Ponte Vecchio is located in the City of Phirande, Italy, which is one of the most special bridges. Ponte Vecchio is also known as the Old Bridge. Ponte Vecchio is built on the Arno River. The bridge was built in 1345 AD. There are houses and shops on this bridge which are beautiful and unique in appearance.

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