'This is not good for your age...', Why did Shah say this to TMC MP?
'This is not good for your age...', Why did Shah say this to TMC MP?

New Delhi: Clarifying the central government's policy against drugs, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has said in the Lok Sabha that millions of families have been destroyed by drugs. The government has a zero-tolerance policy on narco terror. The Home Minister said that a drug-free India is the resolve of PM Narendra Modi and this battle will have to be fought jointly by the Center and the states. He said that he will leave no stone unturned for a drug-free India. When Shah was giving the speech, Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Saugata Roy spoke. During this, the Home Minister quipped that it is not good for your age.

Amit Shah said that there are such investigative agencies in the country, which conduct investigations in the country and abroad, NCB and NIA. NCB will investigate drugs within the country and NIA will investigate outside the country if required. He said that this sensitive issue should not be given political shade. This is a serious problem and a problem destroying our species. The income from this trade helps terrorists.

Showing a tough stance in the Lok Sabha, Amit Shah said, 'I want to assure the House once again that the central government is working on a zero-tolerance strategy on the drug trade. Drug propaganda spoils our generations. The countries which are trying to spread terrorism in India, they are doing the same. This fight is not between the Center and the State. Rather we have to fight together.'

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