This is the main reason for Sidhu's death...!
This is the main reason for Sidhu's death...!

Punjabi singer Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu alias Sidhu alias Sidhu Moosewala, popularly known as Mansa Da Munda, has not yet recovered from the shock of his death. More than  30 bullets were fired at Sidhu who came out of the house with his black thar. The post-mortem report had revealed that 24 bullets were found in his body.  
Let us know that wherever Punjabis live abroad, including South Africa, America, China, Sydney, etc., they took out candle marches. At the age of just 30 , Sidhu had become the heartbeat of young hearts. Sidhu's death is also being linked to gang war, but according to experts, it is considered more a case of 'supari killing'.  
Punjabiyat : Sidhu does not link Moosewala's murder to gang war or drugs case. They say that Sidhu's popularity was not only in Punjab or India, but his fans also came in large numbers across the sea. South Africa, the US, Canada, Australia, China and other countries had organised candlelight marches  after Sidhu's death. Reports say that  Sidhu was a symbol of Punjab and Punjabiyat. They used to come on stage with turbans and big hair. In such a situation, a large section was jealous of them.  
The second reason for Sidhu's death was that Sidhu, who sang for other music companies for a long time, had opened his own music company some time ago. He has more than 11.3 million followers on YouTube. He had a lot of craze among the youth in the country and abroad. After seeing him, 3-4 more singers also opened their own music companies. Due to which the business of music companies was destroyed. This could also be one of the reasons for his death. The Gulshan Kumar murder case in Mumbai is not hidden from anyone so far.  
Even though Sidhu Moosewala lost the Mansa seat in the AAP wave this time, he would have become difficult for the big 'political houses' of the state in the future. Even in the assembly elections, he had shown courage to raise issues related to Punjab openly. He said that whoever raises the issues of Punjab among the people, makes them aware,  this will be the fate of them.  

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