This is the world's strangest restaurant, you will also be surprised to see it
This is the world's strangest restaurant, you will also be surprised to see it

There are many restaurants around the world, about which you must have known, you must have visited many places, but there are some restaurants where the theme also fits those restaurants, let us tell you about some such restaurants.

1. Restaurant with Robot - The era of machines has come, so how can restaurants be left behind, here too robots serve food.

2. Hospital Wala Restaurant - You don't need to be sick to come here, but this is a restaurant where you will get food. The burgers found here are known by the name.

3. Nude Restaurant - It is located in New York, you have to have dinner by taking off all the clothes, although if you want, you can keep clothes at some places.

4. Jail Restaurant - If you are fond of visiting jail, then go to this restaurant. There is also a restaurant in China, whose theme and look is like a prison. Here the food is served to the guests in the table by sitting between the bars. Do not worry, you will not get sticks here.

5. Judwaa Restaurant - After going to this restaurant, you will feel that someone has not come in the film world. There is also a restaurant in Moscow where the working waitress and bar tender are twins. The number of guests coming to this restaurant increases due to the sight of twin sister waiters.

6. Condom Restaurant - Food is served by wearing a condom on the head.

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